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As our bi-line states Wadham Bros stands out from its competitors by providing a complete in-house manufacturing service, undertaking every stage of production from �concept to completion�.
We manufacture high quality customer specific products in accordance with specifications supplied by the customer or designed and developed by Wadham Bros.
The Wadham Bros foundry specialises in high strength, long-lasting thin wall castings made predominantly from brass, bronze and aluminium. They are specifically designed for service in corrosive, severe wear, and high temperature environments. These include our specialist range of plaques and artistic products.
In addition Wadham Brothers provides all machining from turning and milling to specialised finishing operations which complete the products to our clients.
In essence Wadham Bros. undertake in-house every stage of production from concept to completion. Ie Product Concept , Design, Pattern making., Sand Moulding, Casting, Machining, Assembly and Testing and delivery.

Metal Object
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